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A personal account of the value of placebo


A journey to the land of “I Shall Please”

“I grew up in Marin County, California—a hotbed of holistic health, where “healers” of all stripes (legitimate or not) thrived. My own father was an acupuncturist who treated most of my ailments with tiny silver needles or stinky Chinese herbs. I went to the doctor only for routine physicals and shots required for school. Thus, I grew up believing that my body had the power to heal itself.

Once I left home and moved to the more conservative burbs of Santa Clara County, I came to realize that the average person considered alternative medicine to be a placebo at best—and an outright sham at worst. But perhaps placebos have been getting a bad reputation. New research into the placebo effect suggests that our expectations and beliefs can play a much bigger role in healing than previously thought.”

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Placebos are impossible to find

I would like to thank you for creating universal placebos. As your website states: Placebos are almost impossible to find. I have a daughter who responds well to placebos and I don’t like giving her real medication when she doesn’t need it. I once cured her cough with a little cool-aid in a medicine cup.

Thanks again
Rev. Jesse K. Larson

Powerful Placebo Pause

Recently I was in a working party trying to design a new structure of governance for a not for profit organisation that had ten companies, employing over one thousand people with an annual budget of $90,000,000.  We ground to a silent halt.  No energy, no ideas.  When you need help or when all else fails…. Placebo Pilules were passed around and these little treasures lifted the atmosphere and our energy and helped us to  move towards creative solutions. Nothing Works Better!

Mary (Brisbane) 

Travelling with Placebos

I gave a card to a colleague who is travelling abroad with some Placebo pilules in a plastic pocket with the best of pilule advice. I got this reply this morning:

"Thank you so much for your good wishes and just for thinking of me. I have packed the pilules and know that when I take them I will be in a different space! I note you have enough to really make a difference!!! Thank you for sharing."

Mary (Brisbane)

Avoiding the Trap Door

I was only thinking of you yesterday, stimulated by the bottle of placebo’s sitting on my desk. Yes, I take three a day and they are working !! Or at least something is. Maybe it was our talk. Haven’t fallen through a trapdoor since.

(Name Withheld by Request) Brisbane

I had this great thing happen . . .

I had this great thing happen just after I got back after new year. I wasn’t offered a further contract at the college and so had to leave on the 18th January. I was so upset and it brought up all insecurities like not good enough or I have failed again . . . and I was in this flat in the city with no money coming in!

I got home in tears and had got off the phone from a friend after bewailing my fate ( gremlins going nuts inside) and I picked up the Placebo…I said to myself, “This is stupid, I cannot and will not go down again, I have to succeed” as I popped a pill.

You have no idea, well of course you have, but I suddenly I went into a total calm state and lay on the sofa and fell into a deep sleep. I woke renewed cooked a curry and got on with life. Soon after I was offered a new job teaching English to Indian Punjabi young men and women and it’s lovely . . . feel like I’m in India!

So I cannot tell you how incredible the peace and the sleep that descended on me was . . . incredible. I have told my all my friends that I can vouch for Placebo efficacy!I am going to be a great success!

Love to you Jane xxxxxx



Wow!!! Universal Placebo. Just what I always wanted. I have taken them all at once since I believe that more is more. I am now sane, balanced, brilliant, beautiful and 10kg lighter (in this last instance though, less is more) and the sun again shines out of my unowot.

Evelyn, Sydney

Placebos & Sleeplessness

My son had difficulty sleeping , and when I felt I had exhausted all efforts (ie: chamomilla, rescue remedy sleep formula and transferral into my bed), I remembered my new placebo pilules and thought I’d give them a try…. I said to my 4 year old ‘I am going to give you a special tablet, and it is going to make you go to sleep’…He happily obliged ( not always the case), and almost instantaneously nodded off to slumberland, and thankfully so did I…… Thank you …I look forward to experimenting with them on many more occasions….many thanks.

Lyndel Miller (Currumbin Valley, Qld)