We think it’s time for placebos.

There are a lot of spoof sites about placebos out there. This isn’t one of them! We actually sell placebos. Just click on the Buy Placebos button.

The ‘placebo effect’ really exists. But placebo tablets – small, inert, side-effect-free sugar pills – are actually very hard to find, and that’s one reason we’re offering them here. On this website you can buy placebos – small sugar pills called ‘pilules’ – in 30 gram bottles and at a very affordable price.

But more than that, we hope to offer a wide range of information about the placebo effect, information which will inform, challenge and amuse, and which we will consistently update as we find more and think more about what the placebo effect is and what it means. And, dear reader, as we interact more with you – you can comment on the posts on this site, and you can contact us any time!

We make absolutely no therapeutic claims for our placebos – they are made of sugar; they are not drugs – but we offer them, with love and with a sense of fun, as triggers and inspiration for the placebo effect.

Finally, thank you for your enthusiastic reception to Universal placebos … for your smiles and encouraging comments . . . Special thanks to our growing list of placebo users for being courageous enough to consciously choose to benefit from the placebo effect.

Universal Placebos are already infiltrating academic institutions and family homes, within Australia and overseas, particularly the US, and we are starting to hear good news stories about placebo successes. Some people are concerned that knowing that you are taking a placebo will prevent you benefiting from the ‘placebo effect’. We are collecting testimonials to show some ways in which they have been used successfully.  (We’d also love to hear your placebo stories so we can share them with others!)