‘In future they could *be* the treatment …’

We’ve found a new website, Placeboeffect, which holds itself up as ‘The Official Placebo Effect Resource’ (whatever ‘official’ means in the world of placebos!) Here you can access classes, essays, an ebook and other resources on the phenomenon, though not placebos themselves. We think the ‘101’ guides are particularly interesting.

Also interesting is the proposition of a ‘placebo method’ which the site suggests can be more effective than simply taking a sugar pill. We agree with the general tenet of this proposition, and took quite a bit of care to suggest a protocol for taking a course of placebos, contained in a small booklet that accompanies our product. We call this ‘Creating the Conditions to Get the Most From Your Placebo"

Use placebos when you need help, or when all else fails.

Placebos stimulate your healing system to maintain wellbeing, sometimes bringing forth what seem like miraculous results. Faith, hope, trust and love optimize the conditions for the placebo effect to work. You can create such conditions by recalling the memory of a positive experience, or by simply acknowledging, in your inner being, the many reasons to be grateful for the precious gift of life, and also your capacity to ease your own physical, mental or emotional suffering. You may choose to create your own ritual, meditating on visualisations or affirmations of your intention to become well. You may choose to look to writings, art, conversations or the web for inspiration.

Be playful and light, allow room for laughter. You have nothing to lose but fear and anxiety.