Buying Placebos

Placebos are sold in stylishly designed 30g bottles (about an ounce) containing about 700 pilules (small pills) made entirely of sugar. They are air freighted to you within days of your order, along with an elegant pamphlet of information and directions.

  • Price: $20 (AUD – Australian Dollars)
  • Packing and Postage:
    $8.00 AUD (Australia); $15.00 AUD (International)

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Universal Placebos pilules contain 100% sucrose and nothing else. Their function is to assist the healing powers which exist in each individual, by harnessing the ‘placebo effect’. This advice is given in utmost good faith, but the ultimate responsibility for the proper use of these products rests with the individual. Should problems persist seek advice from a competent and trustworthy practitioner.