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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you for real?

Yes! We are offering placebos for sale to the general public for the first time.

Yes! Real serious, really light-hearted.

Does Placebo really work?

Statistically it will always work for some.

Nothing works better.

Does the placebo effect work if you know you are taking a placebo?

Yes. Look at this.

Suck it and see.

Does Placebo have any side effects?

No known side effects as there are no active ingredients.

Only good ones.

What does Placebo contain?

100% sucrose (sugar)

Faith, hope, trust and love

What does Placebo treat?

Anything you want it to.

Everything you want it to.

What is the recommended dosage?

Three pilules on waking and before sleep for at least 10 days.

Take as many as you like – you can’t overdose.

What if I cannot have sucrose?

Think positively. The mind and our beliefs are very powerful. Affirm your ability to heal yourself.

Hold the pilules in your hand for at least one minute.

Will I improve my relationships while taking Placebo?

If you support it with right action.

Loss is gain and gain is loss.

Will I improve my capacity to study while I use Placebo?

Focus on your intention each time you take a dose and note whether that helps performance.

If you want to.

Will I gain the confidence to request a better salary if I use Placebo?

Yes. If you never try, you will never know.

Offer one to your boss.

Will I enjoy house cleaning while using Placebo?

It may only seem so, but…who cares?

It may only seem so, but…who cares?

Will I improve my fantasies using Placebo?

Definitely. But you must retain a sense of openness.

And the colours will be brighter.

Can I use Placebo if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

No worries. Placebo is not a drug.

Yes – remember to double the dose.

Can I use Placebo while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

Your choice.

Placebo is not a drug.

Can I use Placebo while on antibiotics?

Placebo complements any other medicines and therapies.

Placebo is not a drug.

Can I use Placebo while driving a car, flying an aircraft, riding a bike or operating heavy machinery?

Yes, with complete safety.

Bon voyage!

Will Placebo show up in drug testing?


You can’t test nothing. However, it may enhance performance.

Can I use Placebo while trying to become pregnant?

The placebo effect happens.

Yes yes yeee-eees – give it to me one more time … baby.

Can children take Placebo?

Yes, especially effective with a little story.

Cosmic band-aids – Liam calls them ‘angel pills’.

How do I store the product?

In your kitchen, handbag, briefcase, car, first aid kit, gym bag.


How long does a bottle last?

A minimum of three months if used at the recommended dose.

Depends …

How quickly can I receive my next bottle of Placebo?

We dispatch within a week of receiving the order. If you can’t see pilules through the hole in the label on the bottle, order immediately.

As fast as a click away – think Placebo, receive Placebo.