About Placebo Pilules


On this website you can buy placebo tablets – small sugar pills called
‘pilules’ – in 30 gram bottles, at a very affordable price. Each bottle
contains about 700 pilules. We make absolutely no therapeutic claims
for placebos – they are made of sugar; they are not drugs – but we
offer them as triggers and inspiration for the Placebo Effect, and we
suggest here and on our packaging some ways in which you might engage
with or supplement your own healing by using them.

Harnessing the Placebo Effect

The ‘placebo effect’ is a benefit experienced from the administration of a neutral substance or harmless procedure. The term placebo means "I shall please" From time immemorial, the placebo effect has been recognised as a powerful way of healing. Today, clinical tests have shown up to 70% effectiveness for those taking placebos, measured against those taking active substances. The placebo effect is always present. Science acknowledges the placebo effect, but has yet to account for how it works. Physician Herbert Spiegel says, ‘the placebo effect can occur when conditions are optimal for faith, hope, trust and love.’ A harmless sugar pill, ingested mindfully in such conditions, can provide a way to enhance self-knowledge and self-healing.

Our aim at Universal Placebos is to offer you an opportunity to experience the placebo effect, to consciously choose to be amongst those who can benefit . . . to heal yourself.

Creating the Conditions to Get the Most From Your Placebo

Use placebos when you need help, or when all else fails.

Placebos stimulate your healing system to maintain wellbeing, sometimes bringing forth what seem like miraculous results. Faith, hope, trust and love optimize the conditions for the placebo effect to work. You can create such conditions by recalling the memory of a positive experience, or by simply acknowledging, in your inner being, the many reasons to be grateful for the precious gift of life, and also your capacity to ease your own physical, mental or emotional suffering. You may choose to create your own ritual, meditating on visualisations or affirmations of your intention to become well. You may choose to look to writings, art, conversations or the web for inspiration.

Be playful and light, allow room for laughter. You have nothing to lose but fear and anxiety.

DOSAGE: 3 pilules dissolved under the tongue, morning and night for at least 10 days. Stop on sustained improvement. Resume on return of sufferings. May be taken continuously or more frequently if desired. May be self prescribed, or taken under the guidance of a doctor, practitioner or therapist. If placebos work for you they may work for others, so share your experiences with a friend or loved one.

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The Story of Our Logo


The INFINITY symbol above. It crowns, overlooks, protects
We exist in time, endless
Part of a continuing ebb & flow of life
We accept our situation truthfully. In this way we are able to take action, get unstuck, make changes


Central to the logo, the squared circle symbolises earthing the spirit, heaven on earth, grounding our vision — the meeting of the ideal and the actual

THE SQUARE represents the physical world, earthly life
THE CIRCLE represents wholeness, without beginning and end, all possibilities,
the human spirit
THE HOLE symbolizes emptiness, the space within which guidance emerges

The empty hole symbolises “no thing” – placebo
The hole is the window to the future, to all that is possible
It is at the centre of heaven and earth

WINGS (HOW we get where we want to be) – THE METHOD

With these WINGS we find our true place in the universe

Two wings represent wisdom and compassion
They lift our spirits
They lighten the load
They help us on our flight, our journey
They help us rise above obstacles
They help us reach all that is possible
They symbolise freedom and the experience of ultimate reality